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From Anything to Anywhere


ADEPT is EON’s proprietary framework, assessment tool with a library of conversion utilities.

The ADEPT solution and methodology is used to provide the data validated scoping, project planning and risk mitigation that has contributed to our above industry standard success rate. The ADEPT framework is kitted with custom connectors for adaptability of newer technologies that are widely used in the industry today.

Adept UI Screen Shot

Migration Efficiency Gains

5,867 hrs

Assessment & Analysis

Traditional           8,144 hrs

Adept                   2,277 hrs

Scan/analyze current state technology various components include DS jobs,  dependencies and target state architecture components

5,867 hrs

Design & Build

Traditional           46,148 hrs

Adept                   12,904 hrs

Combination of various component Data Stage job design approach and translate to target stated DBT Models/Sql Scripts

37,589 hrs

Unit Testing

Traditional           44,420 hrs

Adept                      6,831 hrs

Combination of Testing and tweaking converted DBT Models/SQL Scripts

See CTO Robert Scott Demonstrate Adept with our partners VMware.

Data Modernization From Anything to Anywhere With our ADEPT framework and conversion utilities for visual data modernization.  This 20 minute session is with our partners VMware's  Greenplum but this solution and methodology can be leveraged just about any Data Modernization


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